I have just recently found out that I am a Trypophobe. Trypophobia is the fear of small holes in clusters. I would itch all over and feel disgusted by the sight of small holes. Things that I see or use everyday like a sponge wouldn’t bother me so much. It would be when it’s an image of holes in the skin.

I get goosebumps. I cringe. I even want to cry!

I have done very little research as I fear of opening up sites that will show more trypophobic images. Once I see one, it takes a while to get over the fear and I feel the discomfort all throughout. However, with the short online snooping that I did, I found out that it can be cured – mostly through behavioral and cognitive therapy.

People often say, to overcome a fear, you must do it repetitively until it no longer has any impact on you. Well, I don’t think staring at this trypophobic image (Warning! Only the brave must click!) will help me overcome it. I might just roll over and die!

Have you got it too? Share your story and let’s cringe together. 😉


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