About KC

This world is too beautiful not to see and this life too remarkable not to share. ♥ 


I am a sailor on some days and a wandering soul on most days. My nomadic lifestyle has forced me to haul around a bag of my own size — to survive the days when I am away from home. For the past five years, I have spent more days at the airport than my own bedroom, eating cold sandwiches than home-cooked rice meals, and watching the latest movies on the inflight entertainment system than in the cinema.  This travel drug that I’ve been injected with keeps me going, moving from one place to the next with much gusto.

Each destination is a gift – waiting to be unwrapped to surprise you. The world has so much to boast about and it’ll be a shame not to admire it. I am looking forward to that day when I’ll be lugging that big bag behind me again.


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